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What is NCAPA?

The North Carolina Activity Professional Association (NCAPA) is a not-for-profit organization of activity professionals founded in April of 1983. Its purpose is to expand and improve the quality of care in the programs for the elderly and infirm people its members serve.

NCAPA provides a vehicle for better interaction and communication between activity professionals, regulatory agencies and other health care professional groups.

NCAPA promotes and provides appropriate educational opportunities to meet the needs of the people it serves and keeps its members abreast of legislation affecting the activity profession.

NCAPA strives to advance the recognition of this unique profession.  Our Board is made up of activity professionals spanning the state of North Carolina. The board consists of 7 elected officers, District representatives and committee chairs. Some of the districts were in existence even before NCAPA was established. Others formed as the organization expanded to better serve activity professionals in their geographical location in the state. Each district appoints a representative to sit on the Board serving as liaison.   NCAPA districts are listed in our contact list. Committee chairs and officers are most times also members of the districts. Committee chairs are appointed by the president.

If you are an activity professional in the state of North Carolina, take this opportunity to network with others who make improving the quality of life for our aging or infirm population their daily mission. Seek out a district close to you, or contact any of the contact persons listed on the link.   If you are already a member of a district, please take this opportunity to become involved in NCAPA. NCAPA needs you! In fact, Activity Professionals NEED Activity Professionals in this growing and ever changing occupation.

Both NCAPA and your area district provide continuing education and a wonderful opportunity to network with other activity professionals who do the same thing you do on a day to day basis. Nobody else in your facility does the same job as you and another activity professional may be your best sounding board and supporter.