A Letter From The President

A Letter from the NCAPA President

The North Carolina Activity Professionals Association

From the President

Melanie Noble, CRT,

Welcome to North Carolina Activity Professionals Association, otherwise know as NCAPA! We have a lot in store for you in 2017. The NCAPA Executive Board is hard at work to bring you quality education. We are continuing to build a firm, solid foundation for the membership. We will bring you informative information regarding changes nationally and on National Certification, a one day seminar held in various locations across the state to meet the needs of our members, and our annual fall conference.  NCAPA provides  continuing education credit hours to our members, networking and opportunities to make friends all over the state.

With the ever changing economy that fluctuates daily we will strive to keep cost at a minimum for what we offer. Keep in mind we offer a scholarship of our fall conference, it’s worth applying for.

The profession we are in changes so often and sometimes it is hard to stay in the Activity Profession for a prolonged time, but each day we touch so many lives and that makes it worth it. I know our profession has become more demanding and that is why it’s important to stay involved in NCAPA. Through out the year we meet to network and educate ourselves on the changes, so we can better serve our residents. Our activity program is improved by what we learn at our educational conferences.  I encourage everyone to stay active in NCAPA and to continually grow.

Looking back on my years of experience I realize that we truly are the ones with the best career in our facilities. What other profession can touch so many lives yet be the one to receive so much. Each of you are very important, not only to your residents but to each other. You are truly the LIFE in your facility and you do make a difference.Thank you do all you do for your profession and your residents each and every day. Also thank you for what you do for NCAPA; we could not be a great organization with out you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at melanienoble@5SSL.com