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Congratulations to our NCAPA Scholarship winners Laura Cramer and Elaine Smith.

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2019

National Association of Activity Professionals:
The 37th NAAP Conference was held in Charleston, SC this past April. Jen Benton, Julie Cooley, Laura Cramer, Alyssa Scott and Barbara Hearne represented NCAPA and served on the Local Arrangements Committee. The 2020 NAAP Conference will be held in Reno, Nevada, April 21 – 24.

National Activity Professionals week for 2020 is January 19 – 25. The theme is “Lighting the Way.” A NAP Week 2020 Planning Guide is available on the NAAP website. All of the contents in the planning guide can be used with your residents and are centered on the theme, “Lighting the Way,” through imagery, history, art projects, recipes, spirituality and music.

The new fees for the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) have been published. NAAP continues to work with this organization to get a discount for NAAP Members who contract with the MLPC to legally show movies & DVDs on-site to their residents.

NAAP is trying to work with the 3 organizations that license permission to use music in public venues like LTC communities. They are not having any success at this point.

NAAP & NCCAP are working together to advance the activity profession. NAAP recognizes NCCAP as the national certifying body for activity professionals.

NAAP continues to offers its members eLearning sessions free of charge. If you can’t participate in the webinars, the sessions are recorded and available for review at a later time. NCCAP now pre-approves all of these webinar offerings from NAAP. Non-members can receive credit for the eLearning sessions for a small fee.

NAAP Membership is well over 800 members and climbing! All APs are encouraged to join and support this organization that represents APs at the national level.

National Certification Council of Activity Professionals (NCCAP):
Effective October 1, 2019, NCCAP will eliminate its Activity Director Provisionally Certified level of certification and put in its place a certification level called “Activity Professional Certified” or APC. Two tracks are offered with this new APC certification. With Track 2 there is no longer a need for a college degree. The college degree has long been a stumbling block for some people who want to get their certification through NCCAP.

Also effective October 1, NCCAP will be using Prometric, a new third-party testing company for the NCCAP National exam. This move makes more testing sites available, making it easier for test candidates to access the exam. All those who have already been issued a code to take the exam must use that code prior to September 30, 2019. If you have not taken the exam by that date, you will need to receive a new code and information for the new testing process.

NCCAP recertification is much easier nowadays. It’s handled by computer and only takes a few minutes. You don’t have to enter all your continuing education information onto the computer. NCCAP audits a certain number of re-certifications on a regular basis. If you get audited, you’ll need to submit copies of all your continuing education (CE) certificates to verify that you do indeed have the CE credits you said you had.

The NCCAP office has moved from Virginia Beach. The National Center for Montessori and Aging in Kensington, MD, is NCCAP’s new home for national advocacy, research and training.

National Association of Activity Professionals Credentialing Center (NAAPCC):
NAAPCC has also moved! Their office is now in Parker, Colorado. Brenda Scott, who served as the Office Manager for NAAPCC has recently retired. The new office manager is Evelyn Shoultz. And, on another front, NAAPCC has increased their renewal fees.

North Carolina Culture Change Coalition (NCCCC)
The Coalition sponsored the snack table at the NCAPA conference this year. So, enjoy the snacks, which are provided in appreciation of the close connection shared by the Coalition and NCAPA. NCAPA serves as the Treasurer for the Coalition, and has had this role since the inception of the Coalition in 1996.

Grant Program
The Coalition’s continues its grant program in support of culture change enhancements. With the current RFA (Request for Application), there is no dollar limit on grant requests. Certified nursing homes just need to use the RFA as their guide to writing the proposal and submitting it. Remember, after a grant application is submitted, a mentor will be provided to the organization to help the tweak the grant application to increase the likelihood that the grant application will be approved by CMS.

Grant applications are on the rise! The Coalition has yet to submit a grant application to CMS that has been denied. If your certified nursing home wants to get part of this grant money, check out this link to see the RFA. There is 29 million dollars available for distribution! Claim your part of the pot!

Friends of Residents for Long Term Care (FORLTC) have submitted a Coalition grant application and NCAPA has been a part of the process. The grant application is to develop an educational program that APs can use to set up and enhance Resident Councils within the nursing home setting. Barbara Hearne, as an Activity Consultant and NCAPA representative, served as a part of the grant development committee. She has been asked to help develop their training material. The grant development committee would like to have a couple of other APs serving on the team. Let Barbara know if you are interested.

NC DHSR – Adult Care Homes to Update Regs
The Adult Care Home Division of NC DHSR is currently in the process of updating the regulations for Adult Care Homes (Assisted Living Communities). When they are ready to tackle the regulations related to activity programming, Julie Cooley will represent NCAPA and be a part of the conversation.

Training Opportunities for APs:
A Positive Approach to Care Conference, with Teepa Snow, will be held November 18th & 19th in Cary, NC. Cost of the conference starts at $250. Information about the conference can be found on the Positive Approach to Care website.

MEPAP Part 1 will be offered online through Central Piedmont Community College, in the 2020 spring semester. The cost for the course is about $225, plus the cost of the textbook. Contact Barbara Hearne, if you would like more information about the course.
The Coalition of Resident Councils (The CORC) has approach NCAPA about co-sponsoring a NAP Week Conference. This educational opportunity will be held Thursday and Friday, January 23rd & 24th in Morrisville, NC which is in the RDU Airport area. Twelve (12) hours of continuing education will be offered.

That’s it for now! If you have questions, let me know!

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Hearne
980.613.0872 (cell phone)